Acoustic enclosures prevent the radiation of noise from a noise source to an outside area. They also prevent exterior sounds from penetrating interior spaces. Some acoustic enclosures are designed to reduce sound in the frequencies at which human hearing is most sensitive. Other acoustic enclosures are designed to attenuate noise at frequencies that might interfere with critical measurements or high-precision manufacturing processes. When an acoustically sensitive instrument is subjected to a natural frequency, it causes the system to oscillate, which can adversely affect the readings of the equipment. Acoustic enclosures use sound dampening materials to isolate the instrument from the source of these frequencies.

Enclosing a machine into a sound enclosure doesn’t have to limit access to the equipment. CJ Dustraction Systems acoustic enclosures are designed and engineered according to your needs. We take into account the visibility needed inside the enclosure (to read a display or a gauge), hatches, maintenance access, acoustic tunnels for conveyors, discharge of waste and pollutants, heat and humidity control, etc. The enclosure can closely fit the unique shape of your machinery or be large enough to let operators and maintenance workers access the equipment.

We also take into account any obstructions in the design such as piping, electrical conduits, support columns, electrical and mechanical components, etc. Services are integrated into the construction of the panel, as well as lighting, ventilation, firefighting systems, air conditioning, etc.

The enclosure can also be designed to be partly or entirely dismantled and reassembled for maintenance and other purposes.